On September 8th, the SEC granted immediate effectiveness to NASDAQ OMX BX's proposal to amend certain existing quoting obligations of Market Makers. Currently, a Market Maker must participate in the pre-opening phase and thereafter make markets consistent with the applicable quoting requirements specified in the BOX Rules, such that on a daily basis a Market Maker must post valid quotes at least sixty percent of the time that the class(es) are open for trading. Under the existing rules, any time a Market Maker's quote size falls below the ten contract minimum size requirement, even after an execution which decrements the remaining size of the quote, the quote is deemed invalid for meeting the Market Maker's quoting obligations. The Exchange believes that its policy of the meaning of a "valid" quote should be updated to include an exception for quotes that have been depleted by executions below the ten contract minimum size requirement. Modifying the quotations requirements in this manner will encourage more options trading firms to register as Market Makers on BOX and to provide more liquidity to BOX Options Participants. Comments should be submitted on or before October 6, 2010. SEC Release No. 34-62869.