In session dated July 5th, 2018 of El Salvador Congress, amendments to the Consumer Protection Law were approved, with the objective of incorporating several matters disperse in other laws, such as those aimed to: a) Regulate abusive practices in collection services; b) Prohibit sexist content in advertisement; c) Determine merchants obligations related to electronic commerce; and, d) Include administrative sanctions for infringements to law not previously regulated.

In respect to electronic commerce the reversal of payments are regulated, and special obligations are included for providers that offer services and goods through electronic commerce, such as the time of storage of the information and the term of delivery of the goods.

In respect to abusive practices, it is prohibited any type of defamatory or injurious collection in prejudice of the debtor, co-debtor, guarantor or their relatives, using physical or moral coercive measures by means of communication.

Other provisions are incorporated which were already regulated in the Special Law for Women Life Free of Violence, in which it is prohibited any type of publication against the honor, privacy and image of women, youth, infants or minorities, making special remark in the prohibition of any sexist content in advertisement.