The United States Army Corps of Engineers (“Corp”)(Vicksburg District) issued a June 7th public notice of a Section 404 Clean Water Act permit application by the Duke Family Limited Partnership, LLC (“Duke”).

The public notice states that the permit application is to:

. . . convert approximately 60 acres of prime timber lands into a property suitable for development.

The acquisition of the permit is apparently triggered by the proposed placement of dredged and/or fill material in waters (includes wetlands of the United States) associated with mechanized land clearing.

The proposed development is described as “eight retail stores, parking lots, and loading dock areas.”

Approximately 1.45 acres of wetlands is proposed to be filled. Further, approximately 2.81 acres of wetlands would be cleared and excavated.

Duke is stated to be proposing on-site permitee-responsible compensatory mitigation for the unavoidable loss of wetland functions and values.

A copy of the Corps notice can be downloaded here.