The European Commission (Commission) announced on 6 January 2010 that it has revised its best practices guidelines in competition proceedings. The objective is to update current practices governing the entire procedure from the commencement of investigations until their closure, in order to improve both the efficiency of investigations and the level of transparency and predictability. Among the key changes are that the Commission will offer state of play meetings for parties at each key point of the procedures, and will disclose key submissions at an earlier stage of the process so parties have an earlier opportunity to express their views. It will become standard procedure that when an investigation is opened or closed it will be publicly announced. The Commission is also issuing guidance on the commitments procedure. The new guidelines will provisionally apply from 6 January 2010. The Commission has invited interested parties to comment on the revised procedures, by 3 March 2010. It is a somewhat odd departure from convention that the Commission has chosen to consult on guidelines after the date of application, particularly since the guidelines in question concern transparency and rights of defence.