The California Labor Commissioner recently announced that it reached a $4.8 million settlement with ZipRealty over claims of allegedly unpaid wages from April 2007 through August 2010 for 2,670 of its agents throughout California. In 2010, four ZipRealty agents filed claims with a department of the Labor Commissioner for nonpayment of minimum wages and overtime. The department initially awarded $75,000 to the four agents, which award ZipRealty appealed. A trial court similarly ruled in favor of the agents and ZipRealty settled the claims for more than $595,000. The Labor Commissioner then pursued unpaid wage and overtime claims for all ZipRealty agents in California. The $4.8 million represents an average recovery of about $1,800 per agent, although actual awards will likely range between $500 and $4, 983 depending on the number of uncompensated weeks each worked during the relevant period.