Effective May 1, 2016, nightclubs located within casino establishments will become subject to several regulations enforced by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.  Casinos will continue to be responsible for nightclubs on their premises and must to designate an employee to monitor nightclub operations.  The casino must also establish a revolving fund of $10,000 with the Gaming Control Board for purposes of monitoring club activities.

Meanwhile, nightclubs must register certain employees with the Gaming Control Board similar to gaming employees (note: there are varying effective dates for such registration with earliest being April 1, 2016), while independent hosts or promoters must also undergo a registration process.  During peak attendance, nightclubs are expected to have an on-site EMT (who can also serve as security) and on-site ambulance.  Nightclubs must provide access to the venue  and produce records when requested by the Gaming Control Board.

Nightclubs are also required to have robust policies and procedures, which should govern how the club will comply with the newly-established regulations; background checks  on, drug testing of, and conduct standards review with employees, independent hosts or promoters, security, vendors, and entertainers; training and understanding of the written policies and procedures; work experience and training of security personnel; implementation of secret shoppers; interactions with law enforcement, Gaming Control Board agents, and the casino; verification of identification; preventing overconsumption and patron dumping; restroom control; illegal substance or contraband confiscation and disposal; trespassing procedures and enforcement; and overall commitment and cooperation.