Allowed Trademarks

Macau allows the registration of signs or of a group of signs able to differentiate an enterprise's goods or services provided that they can be represented graphically, namely:

  • Product trademarks;
  • Service trademarks;
  • Association trademarks;
  • Certification trademarks;
  • Three-dimensional trademarks;
  • Sound trademarks;
  • Motion trademarks;
  • Combination color trademarks;
  • Trade dress.


The information required to register a trademark it's:

  • Applicant information (Name, nationality/place of incorporation & address);
  • Trademark (Electronic (JPEG) representation (contact us for non-traditional);
  • Class(es) – List of products/services and international classification in detail;
  • Power of attorney (duly notarized, legalization is advised and one per application);
  • Priority - if claimed (priority filing date, number and country. A certified copy needs to be filed within the 3 months that follow the application).

General Procedure

After the submission of an application (online filing is available) that fulfils all the requirements mentioned in above, formal examination is carried out and if the Registrar has no concerns then publication occurs within 1 month. After the publication, third parties have 2 months to oppose. If no opposition is raised then the registrar conducts a substantive examination and grants the trademark if he has no concerns. The grant is published and third parties have 1 month to file a judicial appeal of the grant (can be oppose by filed after the application filed or after the date of priority claimed). If no appeal is filed the trademark certificate is printed and handed within 10 days.


The applicant’s trademark rights starts from the date grant, during 7 years and can be renewed.

Application fees

The official fees are USD$130.