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Today's entry reports on how today's Comprehensive Spending Review affects infrastructure projects.

Today the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne MP, announced the results of the comprehensive spending review (CSR). The formal report setting out the results of the review is here.

Of course the document tends to list what projects have been saved, and only by implication can one deduce that the projects that were in the pipeline but aren't on the list have been cut. The departmental press releases give some more information on cuts, however - report and links below. A handy colation of all the departmental press releases can be found here.


Press release

Going ahead (projects with a * are on the Infrastructure Planning Commission list of nationally significant infrastructure projects):

  • Major improvements to the East Coast Main Line
  • Station upgrade at Birmingham New Street
  • Network improvements in Yorkshire and around Manchester and Barry to Cardiff
  • Making the A11 fully dual carriageway from M11 to Norwich
  • Improving the M4/M5 junction
  • Congestion relief on the M1 between junctions 28 and 31 (*)
  • Route extension and capacity increases on the Midland Metro
  • Upgrades to the Tyne & Wear Metro
  • Construction of the Mersey Gateway Bridge
  • Crossrail
  • £2.1bn on upgrades of Birmingham New Street, London King's Cross, Reading and Gatwick Airport stations
  • Rail freight funding to continue for Felixstowe-Nuneaton and Southampton-West Coast Main Line
  • £750m and legislation to deliver a high speed rail network by 2015
  • Two new lines for the Nottingham tram

Cut or still under consideration:

  • Dartford Crossing not to be sold, nor upgrade funded
  • Road schemes cancelled: one on the A14, three on the A21 (*), two on the A19, one on the A1, and one on the A47
  • Other road schemes still under consideration
  • £185m savings from Network Rail
  • Decision to be made later on inter-city train replacement, Thameslink and HLOS rolling stock
  • Six street lighting PFI projects cancelled


Press release

Going ahead:

  • Up to £1bn on first commercial scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) demonstration project (just as E.On pulls Kingsnorth out of the running, leaving only Scottish Power at Longannet)
  • £200m for manufacturing facilities at port sites, technology to support offshore wind power and energy efficiency for buildings
  • £1bn to capitalise a UK-wide Green Investment Bank

Cut or still under consideration:

  • Consultation on reform of climate change levy next month that will lead to decision on funding other CCS projects
  • National Nuclear Centre of Excellence funding cut
  • Reduction in Warm Front heating and insulation grant scheme
  • Reduction in Feed-In Tariffs for microgeneration
  • Funding for Carbon Trust, Energy Saving Trust, Coal Authority and Ofgem under review

Water and waste

Press release

Going ahead:

  • £2bn to be spent on flood and coastal defences in the next four years
  • 11 waste PFI projects saved


  • Funding cut to seven waste PFI projects
  • Funding cut to 53 quangos
  • British Waterways Board turned into a charity

Planning and local authority

Web page


  • Local Growth White Paper to be published soon setting out detail on LEPs, planning reform, incentives and regional economic development policy
  • £1.4bn Regional Growth Fund to be established; Lord Heseltine will chair panel to consider bids for projects