On 17 October 2016, European Union foreign ministers met to discuss the conflict in Syria and possible further action.

EU ministers called on Russia to take immediate action to halt indiscriminate bombing by the Syrian regime, restore a cessation of hostilities, ensure immediate and expanded humanitarian access and create the conditions for a credible and inclusive political transition in Syria. In addition, they condemned the confirmed use of chemical weapons (as detailed in the UN’s JIM report) and widespread attacks on civilians and human rights violations and abuses by the Syrian regime and Da’esh, simultaneously urging the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the United Nations Security Council to take “strong action” in this respect.

The EU Council concluded that the EU and its Member States will seek to explore possibilities of concerted action inter alia through the UN General Assembly, and that the EU will act swiftly to impose restrictive measures against Syria by targeting Syrian individuals and entities supporting the Assad regime.

The Council conclusions are available in full here.