Last Friday, the Ministry of Economic Affairs published the Ministerial Regulation providing the details for the subsidy tender for Borssele III&IV. This publication follows shortly upon the announcement last Tuesday, of the winner of the first Borssele tender, DONG, at a surprisingly low tender price of €7,27cts/kWh. The new regulation is similar to the regulation for the first Borssele tender. The key features are described below.

The second Borssele tender will open 15 September 2016 and will close two weeks later on 29 September 2016, 17:00 hrs.

The minimum nominal capacity of the installation amounts to 331MW for Site III and 351MW for Site IV. The maximum is 360MW for Site III and 380 for Site IV.

The maximum subsidy amounts are €2.4bn for Site III and €2.6bn for Site IV.

The maximum tender amount is €11.975cts/kWh but given the outcome of the first Borssele tender, this will probably not be a relevant figure anymore. The question is more likely to be: what will be the deviation from the winning bid in the first tender?

The floor price has been raised from €2.9cts to €3cts.

Like the first tender, the subsidy will be awarded under the conditions precedent of the entering into an implementation agreement and the furnishing of a €10m bank guarantee. After one year, a second bank guarantee of €35m must be provided.