34835  Harris v. The Queen  (Criminal law — dangerous offender)

On appeal from the judgment of the Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan pronounced March 29, 2012.  The applicant was convicted of seven offences and designated a dangerous offender.  He was given a sentence of five and a half years, with credit for the 17 months spent on remand, to be followed by a ten year supervision order, a lifetime firearms order and a DNA order for breaking and entering and assault causing bodily harm.  The other offences attracted sentences from three to six months concurrent to the sentence on the predicate offence.  Mr. Harris appealed the conviction on the predicate offence and uttering a threat, as well as the designation as a dangerous offender, the sentence for the predicate offence and the length of the supervision order.  The appeal court allowed the appeal in part, in that the Crown had no objection to the appeal being allowed with respect to the count of uttering a threat and the period of supervision following the expiration of the sentence was reduced from ten to five years. The Supreme Court of Canada dismissed the application for leave to appeal on November 1, 2012. The applicant brought a motion for reconsideration and a motion for an extension of time to bring the motion in June 2014. The Court granted the motion for an extension of time, but dismissed the motion for reconsideration.