Kevin Rudd, the Prime Minister of Australia, introduced a piece of carbon capture and storage legislation to the Parliament. The bill, The Offshore Petroleum Amendment (Greenhouse Gas Storage) Bill of 2008, is primarily intended to amend the Offshore Petroleum Act of 2006 and would provide for a permitting scheme for all aspects of a CCS project, including greenhouse gas assessment permits, holding leases, and injecting licenses.

The bill amends the title of the Offshore Petroleum Act of 2006 to “Petroleum Exploration and Recovery, and the Injection and Storage of Greenhouse Gas Substances, in Offshore Areas.” The bill would make the Commonwealth Minister responsible for administering the greenhouse gas injection and storage provisions and set up a system of regulating, in offshore areas, the following:

  • exploration for and recovery of petroleum;
  • construction and operation of infrastructure facilities relating to petroleum or greenhouse gas substances;
  • construction and operation of pipelines for conveying petroleum or greenhouse gas substances;
  • exploration for greenhouse gas storage formations; and
  • injection and storage of greenhouse gases substances.