Google Faces Lawsuits Over Wi-Fi Data Collection: In three separate lawsuits, plaintiffs claim that Google’s collection of Wi-Fi user data has violated state and federal privacy laws. Earlier this month, Google admitted that the camera-equipped cars it uses to gather Street View pictures have collected private information from unencrypted wireless networks for three years. Google asserts that the collection was inadvertent and resulted from a programming error that included code for an experimental project within the Street View code.

The Massachusetts lawsuit, filed by Galaxy Services International, seeks class-action status for all Massachusetts Wi-Fi users who may have been affected. The Oregon suit seeks class-action status for residents in Oregon OR in Washington state who may have been affected. The California suit goes further, seeking to include all U.S. residents. Google is also facing inquiries from several countries regarding its data collection, and some countries, including Ireland, already have ordered Google to destroy the information it obtained. The House Judiciary Committee has also launched an inquiry.