Law no. 17/2014 on certain regulatory measures regarding the sale and purchase of agricultural land  located outside city limits and on amending Law no. 268/2001 regarding the privatization of  companies managing agricultural land in public and private ownership of the state and establishing  the Agency of State Domain was published in the Romanian Official Gazette no. 178 of March 12, 2014  and shall enter into force in 30 days from its publication.

The most important provisions brought by the Law are related to the establishment of a preemption  right for the sale through transfer of the agricultural land located outside city limits in favor  of co-owners, land tenants, neighboring owners and of the Agency of State Domain as well. This  preemption right may be exercised by following the order herewith, on equal price and terms.

The enactment of Law no. 17/2014 came as a consequence of the fact that, as of January 1, 2014,  citizens from the European Union can purchase agricultural lands located on the territory of our  country.

As an exception, the provisions of the present Law do not apply to sales between relatives up to  and including the third degree.