The growth of domain name registrations in 2011 continues at a steady rate. According to the Verisign Industry brief published in August of this year, there was a rise of 2.5 percent in the second quarter over the first quarter, representing an increase of 5.2 million domain names. Over 215 million domain names have now been registered.  

There were no real surprises in terms of the number of registrations across the most popular Top Level Domains (TLDs) across all extensions, with .COM leading the way, followed by .DE (Germany), .NET, .UK (United Kingdom), .ORG, .INFO, .NL (Netherlands), .CN (China), .EU (European Union) and .RU (Russian Federation). The only significant change is that .CN and .EU have swapped positions with .CN moving past .EU into eighth place on the top ten leaderboard.  

Similar growth can be observed across all country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) with an increase of 3.6 percent in the second quarter over the first quarter representing an increase of approximately 6.6 million domain names.  

Interestingly, the top 10 ccTLDs represent 60 percent of all registrations globally (and there are currently over 240 ccTLD extensions in existence). In addition to the six ccTLDs listed in the global top ten above, Brazil, Argentina, Italy and Poland can be added to complete the list of the top ten ccTLDs by volume.  

One of the most impressive growth rates relates to the 6th largest ccTLD, .RU (Russian Federation) which now has almost 3.5 million domain name registrations and celebrated its 17th birthday this year.