Nesta: CITIE – The Northern Powerhouse analysis: this is the latest in a series of reports designed to help policymakers in cities create the best environment for innovative businesses to thrive and assess how city governments perform as advocates, regulators and customers. It assesses the entrepreneurial ecosystem in six city and combined authority regions in the North of England and identifies a range of strong measures already undertaken by city governments in the North. It also makes recommendations for how leaders in newly, or soon-to-be devolved metro governments can further boost innovation and attract entrepreneurs. (7 June 2016)

DCLG: Tees Valley – Opportunity unlimited: report of Lord Heseltine’s independent review of the Tees Valley to identify opportunities to unlock, promote and support economic growth. Building on the momentum provided by the Tees Valley devolution deal and the new Combined Authority, the report makes recommendations to further develop the Tees Valley area with the emphasis on creating the conditions for a sustainable prosperous future. (7 June 2016)

DCLG: Great British Coastal Conference announced: the Government is to hold a free conference in Brighton on 30 June 2016 that will feature top tips and practical advice on how to help seaside areas achieve their economic potential. It will cover: community engagement; managing multiple regeneration projects; connecting the shorefront to the town centre; and attracting inward investment. (13 June 2016)