As of 1 April 2009, a new advertising code regarding the provision of text message services is in force. This code is part of the Dutch Advertising Code, and provides clear criteria that have to be met in the advertising of premium text message services (i.e. text message services that have to be paid for), such as ringtones and games.

Such advertising of text message services may not be misleading with respect to the nature, characteristics, price and calculation method of the services. Furthermore, if the service involves more than one ringtone, game, etc., the provider of the text message service has to indicate clearly that the consumer has entered into a long-term service which results in recurring expenses. The provider also has to indicate how a consumer can end the subscription. If the service makes use of advertising on the internet, additional requirements have to be met, such as a clear website where the consumer can register for the service. The same is true for television commercials; this has to be done in a clear font, for example. Templates for such a website and television commercials are attached to the Code.