CFO Office: Monitoring & planning – blog series overview

As a CFO, you appreciate that having access to insightful, timely and accurate management reporting and forecast tools is critical for business monitoring and planning. But in reality, many CFOs lack the tools they need, which can put monitoring and planning at risk. Typical issues we hear about, are that:

  • it can take too long to collect information, leaving not enough time to analyze results and assess strategy;
  • management reporting packages frequently contain too much information, with little in the way of insights or analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs);
  • many accounting systems aren’t designed to provide the information and analysis CFOs need, and it would take too long/cost too much to modify them;
  • although many organizations are looking at eventually implementing enterprise resource planning systems, this is 2-3 years out at best – and in the meantime, CFOs need better information and tools;
  • finance professionals can struggle with forecast accuracy and with explaining forecast variances;
  • it is time consuming to prepare reports and forecasts, typically taking over 10 days past month end; and
  • budgets and strategic forecasts are often not aligned with management reporting

Our Business Modelling Services team is focused on assisting you in the development, design and implementation of fit-for-purpose tools that will help you better forecast, monitor and evaluate your business results on an ongoing basis. 

We're a team of dedicated modelling professionals who are also Chartered Professional Accountants with significant experience in understanding, analyzing, evaluating and testing finance tools. We use this experience to help you scope, design, develop and implement practical tools to support your unique management reporting, cash management and budgeting/forecasting needs.