On November 6, Ohioans will select a president, members of the U.S. House of Representatives, and a member of the U.S. Senate. Additionally, all members of the Ohio House of Representatives and 18 of the 33 members of the Ohio Senate will be on the ballot.

Presidential Race

President Barack Obama, a Democrat, is running for a second and final term. His challenger is former Massachusetts Governor and Republican candidate, Mitt Romney.

Ohio Congressional Races

U.S. Senate

Democrat incumbent Senator Sherrod Brown, who has served as a U.S. Senator since 2007, is being challenged by Republican candidate Josh Mandel. Josh Mandel is the current Treasurer of the State of Ohio. Before being elected as State Treasurer, Josh Mandel was a Lyndhurst city councilman and a member of the Ohio House of Representatives. Senator Brown was previously elected to the United States House of Representatives, and served as Ohio Secretary of State and in the Ohio House of Representatives.

U.S. House of Representatives

Every 10 years the Ohio state legislature draws the lines defining Ohio’s congressional districts. Because the 2010 census revealed a decrease in Ohio’s population, Ohio lost two U.S. House seats. Among the changes brought about by redistricting were the newly created 3rd Congressional District, centered in Columbus, and the newly redrawn 9th Congressional District. The newly redrawn 9th Congressional District combines the former 9th Congressional District with the former 10th Congressional District, thereby eliminating the seat of incumbent U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

Ohio General Assembly Races

Ohio Senate Races

The Ohio Senate is comprised of 33 members serving fouryear terms. In 2012, 18 of the 33 Senate seats will be up for election.

Ohio House of Representative Races

The Ohio House of Representatives is comprised of 99 members who each serve two-year terms. Every even-numbered year, all seats are up for re-election. Just as on the federal level, legislative districts on the state level are re-drawn after the U.S. Census. As required by the Constitution, new district lines were drawn to ensure that each Senate district is made up of three contiguous House districts.

Ohio General Assembly and Congressional District Maps are available on the Ohio Secretary of State’s website at www.sos.state.oh.us/elections/candidates/DistrictMaps.aspx.

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2012 Statewide Ballot Issues

ISSUE 1: CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION If passed, a Constitutional Convention would be created to revise, alter or amend Ohio’s current state Constitution. The question of convening a Constitutional Convention is placed on the ballot every 10 years.

ISSUE 2: REDISTRICTING If passed, Ohio’s method for determining legislative and congressional districts would be determined by a non-elected 12-person citizen commission. Currently, Ohio’s legislature is responsible for drawing new districts every 10 years following the census.