The Federal Communication Commission ("FCC") announced it will hold a workshop on April 28, 2015, to explore its role in protecting the privacy of broadband companies' users

After the FCC applied Section 222 of the Telecommunications Act to broadband companies, thus ordering them to protect their users' information, and restrict their ability to use or disclose some types of users' information without their consent, it decided to refrain from applying its implementing rules regarding the section. The FCC explained its decision by stating that these rules are suitable only for phone companies and not for broadband companies.

Instead, the FCC decided to come up with a customized set of rules. In order to carry its plan out, the FCC decided to hold a roundtable workshop in order that it can start to explore and examine new rules that will implement the Section 222provisions in broadband companies. According to the FCC, the workshop also aims to provide an opportunity for opposing stakeholders to take a stand regarding the FCC's role and its future plans for the protection of broadband users.