On October 8, 2014, the Intellectual Property office issued the Several Opinions on Supporting Small and Micro-sized Enterprises through Intellectual Property Rights (hereinafter, the "Opinions").

The Opinions contain 15 articles of specific measures as follows: supporting the timely acquisition of rights at home and abroad by small and micro-sized enterprises for the fruits of their innovation; improving the patent subsidy policy; innovating financial services for intellectual property rights; accelerating the development of the public service system for intellectual property rights; fulfilling the functions of intellectual property rights associations; mobilizing and optimizing the service resources for intellectual property rights; improving the sophistication of intellectual property right management by enterprises; cultivating advantages of enterprises in intellectual property rights; enhancing an enterprise's utilization of patent information; improving an enterprise's practical skills in intellectual property rights; encouraging small and micro-sized enterprises to create businesses and innovate by utilizing patents; supporting the development of small and micro-sized enterprises through intellectual property rights; enhancing administrative enforcement of patent rights; promoting the rights protection and support of small and micro-sized enterprises; and creating public opinions about intellectual property rights which are favorable to the development of small and micro-sized enterprises.

The Opinions also specifically stipulate a series of supporting measures for small and micro-sized enterprises, such as prioritized examination of core patent applications urgently needed by small and  micro-sized enterprises, development of facilitation projects such as the Patent Prosecution Highway, preparation of a guidebook on overseas rights acquisition by small and micro-sized enterprises, creation of channels through which assistance can be obtained for overseas patent prosecution by small and micro-sized enterprises, support of rapid overseas acquisition of patent rights by small and micro-sized enterprises, and special funding to small and micro-sized enterprises for introducing patents which have been practiced via exclusive licensing.