Associated Builders and Contractors v Lansing (Mich): The Michigan Supreme Court held that home rule cities have the authority to enact an ordinance requiring that a prevailing wage be paid on public construction projects, overturning a prior decision as inconsistent with the broad powers given to cities in the 1963 Michigan Constitution.

Phillips v Snyder (6th Cir): A federal appeals court rejected numerous challenges to Michigan’s emergency manager statute, 2012 PA 436, including claims that it violates residents’ constitutional right to elect local officials and enjoy a representative form of government.

Charter Twp of Washington v Romeo District Library (Mich App): Because state law does not provide for municipal oversight of a library district board’s budget or expenses, the Michigan Court of Appeals determined a township cannot lawfully require a district library to submit its annual budget to the township board for approval.

Charter Twp of White Lake v Ciurlik Enterprises (Mich App): The Michigan Court of Appeals held that a stand-alone commercial composting facility is not exempt from local zoning under the Right to Farm Act because it does not produce “farm products” as defined in the Act..