Canada has introduced the new Canadian Experience Class (CEC). There are two streams: Skilled Workers and Foreign Graduates. This category will assist Canadian employers to transition their temporary foreign workers to permanent resident status.

The CEC class will facilitate the acquisition of permanent resident status for foreign nationals who have gained work experience in Canada. The CEC class will be based on a pass/fail model. Unlike the regular federal skilled worker category, there will be no points system. 

To be eligible under the Skilled Worker Stream, temporary foreign workers with Canadian work experience would need:

  • two years of full-time work experience in Canada in a skilled, professional or technical occupation (one at skill level B or above under Canada's NOC system of classifying occupations), gained within the thirty-six months preceding the application date;
  • to demonstrate adequate language skills.

The CEC will also have a category for foreign graduates of Canadian post-secondary institutions. The minimum requirements are:

  • completion of a program at a post-secondary institution in Canada of at least two academic years, or in the case of a one year Master's program, previous education prior to admission into the Master's program must have been completed in Canada for a total of two years of Canadian post-secondary education;
  • one year of full-time skilled, professional or technical work experience gained in Canada in the twenty-four months preceding the application date; 
  • the Canadian work experience must have been gained after completion of the Canadian post-secondary education;
  • moderate or basic language skills depending on the occupational skill level of position.

News Release re CEC 

Requirements Under CEC for Skilled Workers

Requirements Under CEC for Foreign Graduates