Export controls

General controls

What general controls are imposed on exports?

Declaration documents, including packing lists and export invoices, are usually required.

Government authorities

Which authorities handle the controls?

Generally, the FCA and customs authority of each individual Emirate.

Special controls

Are separate controls imposed on specific products? Is a licence required to export such products? Give details.

The UAE has specific types of goods that are restricted or prohibited from being imported, exported or transhipped through the UAE. A specific list can be found at www.dubaicustoms.gov.ae/en/eServices/ServicesForBusinesses/CustomsInformation/Pages/Prohibited-and-Restricted-Goods.aspx.

Supply chain security

Has your jurisdiction implemented the WCO’s SAFE Framework of Standards? Does it have an AEO programme or similar?

Dubai Customs implemented the WCO SAFE Framework and introduced the AEO programme in September 2015, and was the first UAE customs authority to introduce an AEO programme. Other Emirates are expected to follow suit in due course.

Applicable countries

Where is information on countries subject to export controls listed?

There is no centrally available list of countries subject to export controls.

Named persons and institutions

Does your jurisdiction have a scheme restricting or banning exports to named persons and institutions abroad? Give details.

The UAE does not have a centrally available scheme restricting or banning exports to named persons and institutions abroad.


What are the possible penalties for violation of export controls?

Specific information is not available.