FXDirectDealer LLC and Joseph Botkier, its chief executive officer, agreed to settle an administrative complaint brought by the National Futures Association in September 2014 by FXDD paying a fine of US $500,000. The complaint had alleged that FXDD—a futures commission merchant, a forex dealer member, and a provisional registered swaps dealer—failed to maintain an adequate anti-money laundering program; did not offset transactions in certain customer accounts in a “fair and acceptable manner;” did not file 2012 and 2013 financial statements in a timely manner; and used misleading promotional material to solicit customers. Both FXDD and Mr. Botkier were charged with failing to supervise. As part of the settlement, NFA found that FXDD failed to maintain an adequate AML program; did not file financial statements on a timely basis and failed to supervise. There were no other findings regarding FXDD or Mr. Botkier. In connection with the settlement, FXDD also agreed to withdraw as a provisionally registered swaps dealer and operate solely as an introducing broker; its FCM and FDM registrations already are pending withdrawal. In September 2013 both the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and NFA settled charges against FDXX related to the manner in which it confirmed prices to transactions to customers by payment of aggregate sanctions of almost US $4 million. NFA also settled charges related to FDXX’s failure to maintain an adequate AML program. In July 2013, James Green, the former chief compliance officer and chief anti-money laundering officer of FDXX agreed to pay a fine of US $75,000 and not serve as a CCO or CAML for one year related to FDXX’s alleged AML failures.