The European Commission has adopted a delegated regulation supplementing the Market Abuse Regulation laying down RTS relating to accepted market practice. The term "accepted market practice" refers to a specific market practice that is accepted by a competent authority of a Member State. The RTS specify the criteria, procedure and requirements for establishing an accepted market practice and the requirements for maintaining or terminating it or modifying the conditions for its acceptance. The Commission has also adopted a further delegated regulation regarding RTS relating to the content of instrument reference data notifications to be submitted to competent authorities and the compilation, publication and maintenance of the list of notifications. Competent authorities are required to provide the data to ESMA, which will make it available on its website. The collection of such data is aimed at providing transparency to market participants and ensuring competent authorities possess the necessary tools to fulfil their supervisory duties under MAR and MiFIR. The Delegated Regulations are both subject to approval by the EU Council and the European Parliament and will apply from 3 July 2016.