A new section of the Aviation Rules of Ukraine – “Technical requirements and administrative procedures for civil aviation flight crews”, as approved by the Order of the State Aviation Service of Ukraine No. 565 dated 20 July 2017, entered into force on 1 January 2018. The new rules aim to harmonise the certification procedures for aviation personnel in Ukraine with the requirements of EU Commission Regulation No.1178/2011 “Aircrew Regulation – Annexes I to IV – Flight Crew Licensing and Medical Requirements”. The new rules replace a mixture of Soviet-era and local Ukrainian regulations that have governed aviation personnel certification in the country since its independence.

The new requirements are set out in the following seven annexes to the document: (1) “Flight crew license”; (2) “Conditions for replacement of currently valid national licenses”; (3) “Validation of licenses”; (4) “Medical certification of aviation personnel, aero-medical centres (AeMC), aviation medical experts (AME), general medical practitioners (GMP) and occupational health medical practitioners (OHMP)”; (5) “Certification of cabin crew”; (6) “Authority requirements for aircrew” (PART-ARA); and (7) “Organisation requirements for air crews” (PART-ORA). Although the wording of the new Aviation Rules generally follows the respective EASA regulations, it does not include “Acceptable means of compliance” (AMC) or “Guidance material” (GM) as published periodically by EASA —a fact that may jeopardise the consistency between the practical application of European and Ukrainian regulations.

The State Aviation Service of Ukraine (SAS) established a transitional period for the implementation of the new regulations. Certification rules for AME, GMP, OHMP as well as requirements set up in PART-ARA and PART-ORA shall enter into force as of 1 January 2019. Certificates and approvals issued under the existing rules to aviation training facilities, flight simulators, and aero-medical centres shall remain valid until 31 January 2019. The same rules also apply to cabin crew and pilot medical certificates, flight crews, cabin crew licenses and aviation medical examiner licenses.The seven bylaws issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and SAS, which currently regulate the certification of aviation personnel and training facilities, will cease to be valid as of 1 January 2020.