Statistics published by the Ministry of Justice show that Employment Tribunals accepted 121,111 claims between April 2018 and March 2019.  Whilst this is an increase from 109,685 claims in 2017-2018, it is still only 63% of the total figure of 191,451 claims received in 2012-2013 (the last complete year before employment tribunal fees were introduced).  

  • There were 23% more compensation awards for unfair dismissal than 2017-2018, although the amount of the average and median awards were lower, at £13,704 and £6,243, respectively.  
  • The number of compensation awards for discrimination claims had also reduced from last year, down from 136 to 110 awards.  

In the Employment Appeal Tribunal, 1,291 appeals were lodged in 2018-2019, which is a 30% increase on those received in 2017-2018.  More detail can be found here.