The Court of Appeal has recently approved a substantial settlement in a personal injury claim brought against a garage following catastrophic injuries sustained by our client in a road traffic accident in April 1998.

This young woman was involved in a head-on collision in which she suffered a very severe traumatic brain injury.

After the accident it was discovered that there was a defect in the rear brakes of the vehicle which she was driving that could have contributed to the loss of control. Our client had recently purchased the vehicle and had told her mother that she was getting it serviced before going on her planned journey.  

The defendant garage failed either to identify that the vehicle had a brake defect and/or to advise her of this. During the case, it disputed that it had actually serviced the vehicle as well as the level of effect of the brake defect.  

The liability aspects of the trial went to the Court of Appeal and judgment was awarded in our client’s favour. The parties negotiated a settlement to provide the funding she needs to live independently. After many years of rehabilitation, she has made real progress despite the severity of her injuries. With the help of a committed team of carers, she has been able to move into her own adapted property in the Southampton area.