The IRS has announced the 2017 dollar limits for retirement plans and health savings accounts ("HSA"), which reflect no cost-of-living adjustments for employee deferrals, but includes increases to a number of other dollar limits used in plan administration:

  • The 401(k) annual deferral limit remains $18,000, and the "catch-up" contribution limit remains $6,000
  • The 415 annual additions limit increases to $54,000, up from $53,000
  • The 401(k)(a)(17) compensation limit rises to $270,000, a $5,000 increase
  • The 415 annual benefit limit for defined benefit plans increases to $215,000, a $5,000 increase
  • The HSA annual contribution limit for single coverage will be $3,4000 ($50 increase)
  • The HSA annual contribution limit for family coverage will be remain unchanged at $6,750
  • The Social Security Administration has announced that the maximum amount of earnings subject to the Social Security tax in 2017 (the “taxable wage base”) will take a big jump, from $118,500 to $127,200
  • The annual contribution limit for health flexible spending arrangements ("FSA") increases to $2,600, up $50

View a copy of the 2017 limits chart.