On 1 November 2012 the NCCIR adopted a Decision which approved the Order for Maintaining of the Registry of Telecommunication Operators and Providers (Order). The previous version of the Order dated 11 November 2010 was repealed by the same Decision and the Order took effect on 7 December 2012. According to the NCCIR, the procedure established by the Order should facilitate the access to the telecommunication services market for new providers and operators. In order to be included into the Registry, the applicant should submit an application with the NCCIR in paper as well as electronic forms and also an extract from the Ukrainian Registry of Legal Entities. Then, the NCCIR should include the applicant into the Registry not later than 10 days after the application was received. In addition, the Order contains the list of activities conducted either by operators or by providers, which makes it possible to define the status of the applicant when including into the Registry.

To access the Order, please go to: http://zakon0.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/z1958-12 (Ukrainian only)