World of IP Round Up: September

This month has seen a host of companies launch new brands or undergo re-branding efforts. In each case, the launch of a new brand is viewed as an opportunity to set a new foundation for the business moving forward. For these companies, September really is a brand new world.

Each of these brands are protected by trade marks (or not in some cases, as we shall see); and offer a new sign for customers and clients to associate the company’s goods and services with.

Whether it’s Tesco’s launch of “Jack’s” amid trade mark opposition, or the re-branding of beleaguered companies incumbents such as Uber and Papa John’s – each brand renewal is a critical time for a business who seek to ensure the benefit outweighs the cost of launching an entirely new brand identity.

Tesco Launch “Jack’s” to address Lidl and Aldi – amid trade mark opposition

Once a market of incumbent players, food retail in the UK has experienced a serious shakeup in the past 5 years. Amongst other things, German retailers Lidl and Aldi have entered the market and have realigned the discount category with great success. A big part of this is the general “bifurcation” of the sector (a trend that is happening across many) between luxury and acceptable discount goods. Truly, now is the era of getting your “bits” from a premium retailer and your “big-shop” from a no frills store.

Behind this shift is a general squeeze on the expendable income of households who are increasingly happy to restrict their big ticket shopping to a few select treats. (Clearly a big part of this success has also been the “proximity” of Aldi’s offerings to established brands – giving consumers [and their kids] as little reason to complain about off brand offerings as possible.) Gone are the days of Tesco Basics in the lunch box.

This savvy from Aldi and Lidl has put the squeeze on incumbent middle-market food retailers such as Tesco who, all of a sudden, find themselves a “jack of all trades, and master of none” – within this new status quo.

And it is under that auspicious segue that we reach the heart of the matter – Tesco’s announcement of “Jack’s” it’s offshoot answer to the German success stories.

Named after Tesco’s founder, Jack Cohen, the brand represents a new approach from Tesco to it’s discount offerings. Notably it is a complete offshoot of it’s primary brand. This may be a reaction to Sainsbury’s acquisition of ASDA which in time might position as it’s answer to Aldi/Lidl. (Notably this acquisition is said to result in up to a significant saving for the consumer in both outlets due to supply chain optimization.)

Further to this is “Jack’s” focus on British produce first and foremost – which many see as tapping into the political zeitgeist (for better or worse). Perhaps most critical in relation to IP is the precarious position the burgeoning brand is in relation to it’s eponymous trade mark. The brand has launched under the shadow of several oppositions. Some have seen this as a genius marketing technique – though I would argue that IP professionals and business owners are probably not their core demographic.

This is Money: Tesco braves legal minefield to launch discount store Jack’s

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Campaign: Tesco goes big on Britishness with discounter brand Jack’s

Uber, Papa John(‘)s and Weight Watchers Look to Put The Past Behind them with New Brands

As per the above – Tesco were not the only company to make significant changes to their brand this month. Uber and Papa John’s (now without the apostrophe, as we shall find out), have both set our to distance themselves from their prior leadership through a refresh of their brand.

Firstly, Uber, who have garnered an incredibly bad corporate reputation over the course of it’s growth into a “verb” (be careful what you wish for) synonymous with it’s services.

Over the years the company had become known to employ a “whatever it takes” approach to dominance, that has included alleged corporate espionage, as well as some underhand tactics to best it’s competitors in its earlier days. Much of this had been linked to now ousted CEO Travis Kalanick who had seemingly guided these operations, and had also failed to address damning testimonies relation to the internal culture of the company.

This has led to the 2nd refresh of their brand, in as many years which, along with new corporate leadership looks set to consign much of the above to the past in it’s ongoing endeavours.

Fast Company: Uber has a new brand. Again.

Forbes: Will Uber’s Brand Refresh Convince Women To Forgive Them?

Papa Johns has also seemingly looked to draw attention away from it’s disgraced and eponymous founder who, after a series of prior incidents has found himself ousted from the board. This occurred as a consequence of a company call being made public wherein the founder had used racist language.

The registrations for new trade marks seek to stress this point by removing the apostrophe from the brand name; with advertising campaigns also focusing on the diverse ordinary people who have driven Papa Johns’ success as a company over the years.

DesignTaxi: Papa John’s Veers From Fallen Founder With New Logo & Employee-Focused Spot

Entrepreneur: Papa John’s Files Trademark to Lose Its Apostrophe and Spotlights New ‘Papas’ Who Aren’t Its Founder

Oh, and Weight Watchers do not want to be called that anymore. “WW” is going to focus now on the holistic theme of wellness and not just people’s waistlines.

Bloomberg: Weight Watchers Bets a Brand Overhaul Can Extend Oprah’s Rally

Critical to the all above is the establishment of a new brand to provide a “line in the sand” when it comes to changing the direction of a company – and shutting the door on the presentation of a company during harder times.

With all that being said, here are the rest of this month’s big headlines.

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