The United States Forest Service (“Service”) announced in a May 13th news release awards of $8.5 million to projects in 19 states that are characterized as expanding and accelerating technologies and strategies that “promote the use of wood in commercial construction, heat and power generation, and other wood product innovations that benefit forest health.”

One of the grant recipients is a project associated with the University of Arkansas titled From Forest to Campus: To Innovative Timber University.

The Service states that the funds will be used to stimulate the use of hazardous fuels from National Forest System lands and other forested lands to promote forest health while simultaneously generating rural jobs. Seventy seven proposals were submitted to the Service requesting grants.

The Service also states that of the 42 projects funded, 24 are focused on expanding wood products markets and 18 increase wood energy markets. They are stated to address:

… a wide range of issues from incorporating cross laminated timber into commercial building construction, replacing coal with torrefied wood at power plants, establishing biomass district energy systems, and identifying market opportunities for beetle-killed trees.

Click here to download a copy of the news release and list of funded projects.