The deadline for filing applications for foreign employee work permits has been set to 31 March 2015. DFDL encourages organisations to make the necessary filings on behalf of their foreign employees as soon as possible given the recent steps by the authorities to strictly enforce the laws concerning the employment of foreign nationals in Cambodia, as evidenced by issuance of Guideline 003/15 on the procedures to apply for and renew foreign work permits dated 26 January 2015.

To renew a foreign employee work permit, an organisation must ensure that each foreign employee undertakes an annual health check. Each organisation must accompany each foreign employee to the relevant labour authority to submit the renewal application.

Failure to comply with the foreign employee work permit requirements could (among other things) result in fines of up to USD 180 or, in serious circumstances, imprisonment of up to three months and the potential deportation of any foreign employee not duly registered.   While such sanctions were rarely imposed in the past, the authorities are strictly enforcing the work permit requirements by increasing labour inspections and imposing fines for non-compliance, including retroactive penalties in the amount of USD 100 for each year that a foreigner has worked in Cambodia without a valid work permit.