We have been reporting regularly on the implementation of the new rules on Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisations (SCIOs) in our recent bulletins. Now that the rules are in force, we thought you might be interested to read some statistics on the take up. As at the end of September, OSCR had received 98 applications for new SCIOs (and none have been refused) - so, that represents about 17% of all new applications since April. In addition, there have been 24 applications for organisations to convert to SCIOs. SCIOs do appear to be a popular option for new charities, and some existing charities are obviously taking the opportunity to convert. Bear in mind that it is only from January 2012 that companies will be able to convert (at the moment, only unincorporated associations and friendly societies can do so).

We are already seeing a steady stream of enquiries coming to us regarding both the incorporation of new SCIOs and the conversion of unincorporated charities to SCIOs and we expect enquiries to increase from January.