Now that the State of the Union address is in the rear-view mirror, it's a good time to peek in on just where things are at with respect to immigration reform.  As you might recall, President Obama announced a series of changes he intended to implement by Executive Order in November of 2014 (read about them here.)  So just where are things with respect to all these changes?  The answer is a simple one -- UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  For those expecting immediate change, immigration reform has been a bit of a sore subject.  As you will remember, comprehensive immigration reform has been a topic of discussion throughout President Obama's presidency.  In fact, Congress was debating comprehensive immigration reform following the election cycle in 2012.  The key takeaway is that while immigration reform gets a lot of discussion and press, actual progress is hard to come by and slow to arrive.  With that said, deferred action related information is likely to arrive in February.  In addition, the new deferred action program targeted at parents of children born in the U.S. will likely arrive in the late spring or early summer (May/June).  What will be interesting to watch is how these upcoming executive changes will motivate Congress to act.  So while things are likely to remain quiet in early 2015, expect immigration reform to be a hot topic again as we move towards spring.  As always, stay tuned.