Each year, the Supreme Court of Ohio publishes the Ohio Courts Statistical Report and the Ohio Courts Statistical Summary. Raw data is published in the Statistical Report, while the Summary analyzes the data from the report and identifies trends. This year’s Summary, released on August 20, 2010, examines data from Ohio courts for the years 2000 to 2009. The 2009 Summary is available for review at: http://www.sconet.state.oh.us/Publications/annrep/09OCS/summary/trend.pdf.

Due to the continued interest in foreclosure data, the Supreme Court included in the 2009 Summary a special update to last year’s Spotlight on Foreclosures. The Supreme Court began collecting foreclosure caseload statistics as a unique civil case type in 1990. This year’s Spotlight examines the 20 years of foreclosure caseload data that is now available.

While this year’s report demonstrates that 2009 saw the lowest total number of new cases filed in Ohio courts in 10 years, the report shows that foreclosure filings are a great exception. Indeed, the volume of new foreclosure filings has risen from 21,692 in 1990 to 89,053 in 2009 – an increase of 311 percent. The data also suggests that while Ohio courts have historically experienced low overage rates (which measure the backlog of cases that have been pending for longer than the Supreme Court’s time guideline of 12 months) for foreclosure cases, this recent trend of increased filings may change that. If the number of foreclosure cases continues to increase at its present rate, Ohio courts risk significant growth in the number of cases pending beyond the time guideline.