On 22 May, the US Treasury Department designated José Berley Guarín Loaiza, and several related businesses and individuals under the Kingpin Act. Guarín Loaiza, a Colombian national, is alleged to be running an organisation that transports cocaine from Colombia and Venezuela. Guarín Loaiza and four of his associates, who are also among those designated, previously were indicted in March 2014 in federal court in Miami, Florida, on cocaine-related charges.

On 21 May, the US Treasury Department designated Mexican national Abel Briones Ruiz, four other individuals and one company under the Kingpin Act for their involvement with the Mexico-based Gulf Cartel. Briones Ruiz is alleged to control a smuggling corridor in the southwestern United States for the transportation of cocaine. The other new designees are Briones Ruiz’s wife, brother-in-law, sister and mother as well as a petrol station company in Matamoros, Mexico, that Briones Ruiz controls. According to the US government, these designees to play critical roles in Briones Ruiz’s smuggling infrastructure. Briones Ruiz, his wife and his brother-in-law previously were indicted in federal court in Brownsville, Texas, in October 2014 on various charges, including money laundering and cocaine trafficking. The Gulf Cartel has been designated under the Kingpin Act since 1 June 2007.