The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that it is funding anaerobic digester projects in eight states, including Ohio, to encourage renewable energy production, reduce energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and farm-based pollution. In fiscal year 2011, USDA, through the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP), provided nearly $21 million in assistance for biodigesters, and leveraged over $110 million in project development. The Ohio projects that received funding are:

  • Mill Creek Digester, LLC (West Unity, Ohio): $600,000 loan, $499,924 grant;
  • Belmont County Bioenergy, LLC (Independence, Ohio): $750,000 loan, $500,000 grant;
  • Lime Lakes Energy, LLC (Norton, Ohio): $1.5 million loan, $500,000 grant;
  • Wooster Renewable Energy, LLC (Wooster, Ohio): $750,000 loan, $500,000 grant;
  • Ringler Energy, LLC (Cardington, Ohio): $3,238,750 loan, $500,000 grant;
  • Haviland Energy, LLC (Paulding County, Ohio): $600,000 loan, $500,000 grant.