The State of the Nation Address was held at the joint sitting of Parliament in Cape Town on 11 February 2016. President Zuma made several remarks regarding the energy sector, which we’ll briefly summarise below.

Progress has been made to stabilise electricity supply and there has been no load shedding since August 2015.

Government has invested ZAR83 billion in Eskom, empowering the utility to continue investing in Medupi and Kusile, while continuing with its diligent maintenance programme. Additional units from Ingula power station will be connected in 2017, although some of them will begin synchronisation this year.

The multiple bid windows of the Renewable Independent Power Producer Programme have attracted investment of ZAR194 billion. Government will select the preferred bidders for the coal independent power producer in 2016 and Request for Proposals will be issued for the first windows of gas to power bids.

The nuclear energy expansion programme remains part of the future energy mix. Government plans to introduce 9600 MW of nuclear energy in the next decade, in addition to running Koeberg Nuclear Power Plant. The government will test the market to determine the true cost of building modern nuclear plants and will only procure nuclear on a scale and at a pace that South Africa can afford.

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