Précis – The Government has confirmed that it intends to release its plans to consolidate hundreds of Central Government datacentres this summer.


In an interview with V.3, the Government’s Chief Operating Officer, Stephen Kelly, confirmed that the Government’s datacentre consolidation strategy, under which the Government hopes to speed up datacentre consolidation and decrease processing power by 10% across Government, will be released this May or June with a targeted completion date of May 2015.

Mr Kelly explained that it is not the Government’s intention for datacentres to be located in one building, but did confirm that peripheral datacentres will be removed. Mr Kelly also stated that there are no plans at present to merge Central and Local Government datacentre consolidation strategies.

So what?

As Mr Kelly explained in his interview, at £16 billion, IT spend in Government is disproportionately large when compared with comparable large-scale organisations, and targeting datacentre consolidation is an obvious step to achieving efficiency savings, and one which is being replicated in large organisations across the private sector. According to V.3, Central Government currently has more than 200 datacentres within its estate, and the consolidation of which could significantly reduce operational costs, not least through improved energy consumption. However, we will have to wait until the summer to see the detail of both the strategy and savings that the Government expects to achieve.