In order to reduce the time and cost associated with preparing privilege logs, the New York Commercial Division adopted new Rule 11(b)(N.Y. Comp. Codes R. & Regs. tit. 22, § 202.70(g), Rule 11(b)), which went into effect on September 2, 2014.  Rule 11(b) provides that it is the “preference” in the Commercial Division for parties to log documents by category rather than document-by-document.  Parties are to meet and confer and, where possible, agree to employ a categorical approach to privilege designations.  Where categorical designations are used, the producing party must provide for each category of documents withheld a certification, signed by the Responsible Attorney, “setting forth with specificity those facts supporting the privileged or protected status of the information included within the category.  The certification shall also describe the steps taken to identify documents so categorized, including whether each document was reviewed or some form of sampling was employed, and if the latter, how the sampling was conducted.”  Where a requesting party refuses to permit a categorical approach, and instead insists on document-by-document logging, the producing party, upon a showing of good cause, may apply to the court for the allocation of costs incurred with respect to preparing the log.  “Costs” include attorneys’ fees.  Rule 11-b also provides detailed instructions regarding the logging of emails, and encourages parties in complex matters to hire a Special Master “to help the parties efficiently generate privilege logs, with costs to be shared.”