Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) recently notified 1,000 companies that they will be subjected to Form I-9 inspections. This new round of inspections brings the number of companies audited by ICE to 2,338 in fiscal year 2011 (October 1, 2010 through September 30, 2011), surpassing last year’s record of 2,196. The total number of fines lobbied against employers in the Form I-9 investigations reached 7.1 million so far in fiscal year 2011 compared with 6.9 millions for the entire fiscal year 2010. ICE stated that employers of all sizes and in every state were notified of the Form I-9 inspections. ICE stated that the focus of these investigations were on companies in areas defined as critical infrastructure and key resources, including food production, information technology, financial services and construction.