Notification on stay of an acquisition in the waste and recycling market. The NCA has announced that it is considering an intervention against Norsk Gjenvinning’s acquisition of Avfall Sør Bedrift. Businesses are required to have a mechanism for the delivery of waste. In the Kristiansand area, there are currently two major competitors in the market for the collection and receipt of industrial waste. In the view of the NCA, the acquisition will, within the market for industrial waste in the Kristiansand area, result in a market share close to monopoly because Norsk Gjennvinning’s nearest competitor will be eliminated. The concern of the NCA is that the presumed monopoly situation could undermine competition in the waste and recycling market and as a consequence enhance the cost for businesses to deliver waste in the Kristiansand area. After receiving such notification of a possible intervention, the companies will have 15 business days to comment on the NCA’s preliminary assessments.

Investigations in the banking market. The NCA has initiated an investigation into the banking market and aims to take a close look into the market, including loan to private customers and small to medium sized businesses. The initial focus will be on the mortgage market. The results will be presented some time during the fall. The NCA will in particular look into the new requirements on equity and the actual barriers to switching banks. In relation to the requirement of equity, the NCA has observed that banks` lending margins have significantly increased in recent years. In the NCA’s view, this could suggest that the customers are paying a greater share of costs in relation to the raised requirements of equity. In addition, as the Norwegian banks have to compile more equity than foreign branch offices situated in Norway in order to meet the requirements, the NCA will assess how this might affect marketplace competition.