On October 8, 2021, Guangdong Oppo Mobile Communication from China and Sharp Corporation from Japan announced that they reached a patent cross-licensing agreement, marking the end of a nearly 2-year long series of patent litigation battles spanning multiple jurisdictions across the globe.

The series of court cases started on January 30th 2020, when Sharp filed an infringement suit against Oppo at the Tokyo District Court. It accused Oppo of infringing on its WLAN patents related to cellphone communication. Oppo, which had already established a strong foothold in the Japanese cellphone market at the time, responded by itself filing a lawsuit against Sharp in Tokyo, as well as another one in Shenzhen, China.

Later in March and April 2020, more lawsuits from Sharp against Oppo followed across Asia and Europe.

The legal battles have now ended with a cooperation agreement between both parties.

According to the IPHOUSE database, as of September 2021, Oppo has applied for more than 80,000 patents worldwide and nearly 40,000 invention and utility model patents in China, of which invention patents account for more than 87%.

In 2020, Oppo ranked second among enterprise patentees in China with 3585 invention patents, second only to Huawei. In the last 3 years, Oppo has ranked among the top three.

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