The release of a new Energy Bill to increase energy security in the UK was among the key announcements in the first all-Conservative Queen’s Speech since 1996. Whilst the Queen may have given just two mentions of “energy” and the “environment” in her 10-minute speech, there are some important measures that are due to be introduced through the new Energy Bill.

This article looks at some of these measures, relating to the establishment of the Oil & Gas Authority (OGA) as an independent regulator and the debate around new subsidies for onshore wind energy. It focuses specifically on the following questions:

  • What impact would the establishment of the OGA have on the energy sector?
  • How is it proposed the OGA would operate?
  • How do the proposals affect renewable energy in the UK?
  • Would the provisions of the Energy Bill be effective in safeguarding energy security?
  • How will the provisions of the Energy Bill be received by the energy sector?

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This article was first published on Lexis®PSL Environment  on 4 June 2015.