I.  SHPDA Administrative Report Contested Cases

Contested Cases 

AL2015-039, Bio-Medical Applications of Alabama, Inc. d/b/a Fresenius Medical Care Decatur: Proposes to construct and operate a new twenty (20) station End Stage Renal Disease Dialysis Treatment Center, one of which will be an isolation station.

AL2015-041, Dialysis Services of Decatur, LLC: Proposes to establish an ESRD facility consisting of twenty-one (21) in-center stations in Morgan County.

No vote was required because the recommended order of the Administrative Law Judge becomes the final order of the Agency where no exceptions have been filed. No exceptions were filed. Both projects were approved.

II.  Certificate of Need Program

A.  AL2016-005, Fresenius Medical Care Trussville, LLC, d/b/a Fresenius Medical Care Trussville, Birmingham, AL: Proposes to expand the existing end stage renal disease (“ESRD”) facility consisting of thirteen (13) stations, which includes an isolation station by adding seven(7) in-center hemodialysis stations for a total of twenty (20) stations. Opposition: None.


III.  Reviewability Determinations and Pending Reviewability Determinations

  1. Pending Reviewability Determinations

RV2014-028: Surgicare of Mobile, Ltd., requests to add five (5) operating rooms, twenty (20) pre-/post-op bays, and four (4) restrooms and expand the waiting room and business office. Status: Pending

Opposition: Providence Hospital filed a letter opposing the Reviewability Determination Request. Mobile Infirmary Association, d/b/a Mobile Infirmary Medical Center, filed a letter opposing the Reviewability Determination Request. In litigation, CV2014-901553, Springhill Hospitals, Inc., filed a Complaint for Declaratory Judgment and Injunctive Relief.

RV2016-010, Mizell Memorial Hospital HomeCare, LLC, d/b/a LHC HomeCare of South Alabama, requests to relocate the home health administration office from 700 Brantley St., Opp, AL to 1802 U.S. Highway 84 West, Ste. A, Opp, AL. Status: Pending

RV2016-011, Cullman Regional Medical Center, requests to construct and operate a diagnostic center and urgent care center on Cullman Regional Medical Center’s campus. Status: Pending

RV2016-012, Comprehensive Medical Affiliates, LLC, requests to develop and operate a mobile magnetic resonance imaging service from the existing medical practice office located at 8075 Madison Blvd., Ste. 110, Madison, AL. Status: Pending

RV2016-013, Homestead Hospice requests to consolidate two parent providers, currently located in Choctaw and Dallas Counties, into one surviving parent provider (Dallas County) and one satellite provider (Choctaw County). Upon approval of this request, the CON to operate the Choctaw County provider will be surrendered. Status: Pending

The next CON Review Board meeting will be held on March 16, 2016.