Wedbush Securities Inc., a futures commission merchant, agreed to pay a fine of US $20,000 to ICE Futures U.S. for allegedly not reporting large trader positions on multiple occasions from January through April 2015 and from September to October 2015. IFUS also was charged with possibly not having adequate procedures to discover LTR errors. Separately, Bosworth Brokers LLC, an introducing broker, agreed to pay a fine of US $25,000 for multiple instances of purported recordkeeping violations. IFUS charged that the broker may have failed to prepare required records of block trades; misreported the correct execution time of block trades; submitted reports of block trades beyond the required time; and not had procedures to ensure correct block trade details were reported to the exchange. IFUS also alleged that the broker should be sanctioned for its “late production of documents, books or records requested by Compliance staff.”