Case Cite

Robert Bosch LLC v. Snap-On Inc., No. 12-11503, 2013 WL 1703328 (E.D. Mich. April 19, 2013).

IPDQ Commentary

The Bosch court reasonably concluded that details relating to the calculation of a patent owner’s reasonable royalty and lost profits damages were best left to expert discovery and needn’t be set out in an answer to an interrogatory.

Case Summary

Snap-On moved to compel an answer to its interrogatory seeking details regarding Bosch’s damages. Id. at *4. Agreeing with Bosch and denying the motion, the court concluded that calculating damages involves a complex, multi-factor analysis that is better addressed by an expert rather than through fact discovery. Id. at *4. The explanation would be too detailed for an interrogatory response. Id. at *4.