Solar power is helping more than 100 Ohio farms generate their own power, and Ohio State University (OSU) Extension is offering help to those farmers and others who want to explore solar power through educational sessions, AG Answers reports. Eric Romich, a field specialist in energy development and leader of OSU Extension’s Energize Ohio program, explained, “Solar systems are very compatible with agriculture operations. Farmers have access to open land and often have high electricity demands. Solar energy reduces the volatility of future energy costs…and once the initial capital investment is recovered, the energy is free.” Most Ohio farms’ solar systems participate in the state net-metering plan, which allows them to offset part of their electric utility costs (for more on this, see our January 21, 2014 blog post). However, average prices for midsized systems have dropped by more than half, making it more affordable for remote locations where there is no access to the grid. For more, read the full article.